Foam Gun Prewash

Why, even if you wash the car by hand, personally and carefully wash after wash, you see micro-scratches and lines appear on the bodywork?
And when you empty the bucket, have you ever found dirt residues, such as soil at the bottom?

If the answer is YES, it means that no one has ever taught you the correct washing procedure: Let’s see it together:
Following the correct washing procedure, we start with cleaning rims and tires and their decontamination.

The next phase is the Pre-wash
it is carried out BEFORE proceeding with manual washing with shampoo.

PREWASH is the fundamental step that makes all the difference: we will in fact remove up to 80% of the coarse dirt present on the bodywork, without mechanical action, therefore without touching it.

Dirt particles firmly anchored to the bodywork, if you do not carry out a correct pre-wash, during manual washing will be transported by the glove or by the washing sponge with the risk of creating micro scratches (called “swirls” in the jargon) or worse deep scratches (called in jargon “rids”).

Only after having carried out a correct prewash can you proceed with manual washing in total safety. To learn more about the correct washing procedures, we invite you to watch the dedicated video.


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Foam Gun Prewash

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