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Paint Correction Gatineau

When it comes to paint correction Gatineau, Moojo Auto Spa will get your car looking as good as new. Let us polish your car to perfect. We pay close attention to every detail and spend the time to treat your car as if it was one of our own. Our paint correction package will remove any defects from your vehicle’s paint including scratches, swirling and marring, water spots and more. We begin this package with a thorough wash removing all dirt and grime from your vehicle before we polish your car. Then our technicians will use the clay bar method and polish to get your paint looking fresh. Our paint correction package includes several stages of correction that will ensure your paint will look perfect when we are done with it. If you’ve been thinking about getting serious about protecting your paint with a Revivify Coatings or Clear Bra package, then we highly recommend doing our paint correction prior to make sure your car’s paint looks flawless and will stay that way. .

Stage 1 Paint Correction

This one is self-explanatory. It’s a single step polishing job using a cutting compound (or the liquid polish) and a pad. The single stage paint correction is intended to remove small marring and swirl marks that are lightly removed.

Stage 2 Paint Correction

When the car’s paint has moderate or medium swirl marks and scratches that are embedded in the clear, stage 2 is the next progression. At this point, you’re going to use (2) different polishes and pad combinations. Typically – it starts by using a more abrasive polish first, then stepping down to a finer compound, to remove any light scratches left by the first step.

Stage 3 Paint Correction

If you get to this point – it’s a good idea to do some careful research and perhaps defer to a professional. This is a three-step program, where the car’s paintjob has heavy swirl marks, marring, or other defects. The first step involves using a heavy cutting compound, with a machine polisher, and polishing pad – to really dig into that paint damage. The second step progressively decreases the grit, and finally, a light polishing compound should smooth out the damage.

At the source, machine polishing is intended to remove imperfections on the vehicle’s painted surface. It’s a service that is completed typically to prep a vehicle for a protective coating or film. The process is always customized based on the type of paint, surface imperfections, and the request of the customer. The detailer will polish a vehicle to remove a few individual imperfections including:

  • Removing fine scratches
  • Remove Spider Webbing or Swirl Marks
  • Get rid of stains left by animal waste (bird droppings and bug splatters)
  • Remove calcium deposits (water spots)
  • Damage or high / low spots by poor installation of DIY protective solutions
  • Removing wax, paint sealants, or ceramic coatings from paintwork


Is Polishing Needed Prior to Applying a Ceramic Coating?

It really depends on the condition of the car’s paint. When you apply a ceramic coating – regardless of the different formulation or application method, the coating’s job is to bond directly to the surface, harden, and provide a protective layer. When the coating hardens, it is transparent – making it act like glass. This amplifies the paint underneath.

So, a gloss finish will appear ‘more-glossy’ while a matte finish will provide more depth. Any tiny or hard to see scratches will be amplified or enhanced. Any swirl marks will stand out – not be covered up. This is one of the biggest myths about DIY ceramic coatings and other paint protection coats – that they fill scratches and improve the condition of paint.

Unfortunately, that’s only possible through paint correction. As such, if you have ANY imperfections in the vehicle’s paint surface, it’s highly recommended to have a professional detailer polish or buff the paint as part of the prep work.

Do You Need to Polish Small Scratches Before Applying PPF?

The answer to this question will depend based on the type of scratch – and the brand of paint protection film. If the PPF is infused with nanotechnology, such as Premiumshield Instant Healing PPF, minor paint damage can be filled with the adhesive. I would strongly recommend doing paint correction before installing a PPF to enhance the depth of paint color. Heavy defects will require paint correction or body repair.

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