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The windshield of your vehicle is where most of your attention is going to be focused on while you’re driving. Moojo Auto Spa understands that the most optimal driving experiences come from crystal clear and damage free windshield. You want to be able to see the infinite horizon ahead of you. You don’t want to concern yourself with chips or scratches. You want the absolute clearest windshield you can get. 

As a certified ULTRAFIT WinCrest applicator, we guarantee top-of-the-line windshield protection and precise application. You will have peace of mind knowing your windshield will be protected from stray rocks and heartbreaking chips. 

Book and appointment with us today and get your Ultrafit WinCrest application done. Avoid the headache of having to pay premium prices for windshield repair and continue living a worry-free life on the road. 

Our passion is to protect yours. 

here’s what you get


With ULTRAFIT WinCrest, your windshield will remain protected thanks to the ultra durable properties found in WinCrest. Scratches and scuffs will be a thing of the past as you drive with a renewed sense of confidence in all conditions.


Save yourself from any financial headaches related to your vehicle with the level of protection WinCrest offers. Windshield repairs can be around $2000, so why spend when you can save instead?


Now you’ll be able to soar through the road with unmatched clarity. WinCrest is invisible with no effects of hazing so that you may experience your drive with renewed confidence and zero distractions.


WinCrest features incredible hydrophobicity, giving you the absolute best driving conditions. Snow, sleet, and rain won’t stop you from having the clearest conditions possible. You’re going to forget that your windshield wipers are even there!


WinCrest is designed to reduce sun glare and save on the hassle of having deal with sun visors. This property also allows for UV rejection to keep harmful UV rays from entering the vehicle, protecting the driver. It’s a two in one kind of feature!


If there are self-healing properties on Paint Protection Film, why not on the windshield protection film? Introducing the first films with self-healing technology, our WinCrest series can self-heal from potential scratches. Protect your vehicle from the unexpected!


The World’s First Non-Delaminating Automotive Windshield Protection

With ULTRAFIT WinCrest, the days of delamination are gone. As the world’s first non-delaminating automotive windshield protector, you never have to worry about your professionally applied protection peeling, scuffing, or scratching. With competing products, visibility and liability issues may rise, but not with ULTRAFIT WinCrest. Maintain the value of your vehicle and enjoy the absolute best protection on the market today with ULTRAFIT WinCrest.


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