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Marine Boat Detailing and Surface Protection

When it comes to boat detailing Gatineau, our technicians at Moojo Auto Spa are the best there is. If you own a boat, there is nothing better than being out on the water on a warm sunny day with friends. Unfortunately, maintenance of your boat is not always funny and can be time consuming and hard. Better to spend time on it than maintaining it. Well at Moojo Auto Spa we are professionals at boat detailing. Leaving your boat docked can lead to fishing debris, algae and other stuff from the water that will attach itself to the bottom of your vessel making it difficult to clean. Adding Revivify Coatings Marine to your boat will provide a layer of protection making it a breeze to clean and keeping maintenance low. When it comes to Revivify Coatings, our professional and experienced staff are certified at installing Revivify Coatings.


  • Hydrophobic Finish Repels Water and Other Liquids
  • Protects Paint from Barnacles, Algae, Bird Dropping, Fishing debris and Salt Water
  • Extends the Longevity of Your Paint
  • Easy to Clean: Dirt, Debris and Grime are Easily Removed
  • Shiny, Glossy Finish
ceramic coating improved resistance against IGL Coatings
agsdix-fas fa-car

10H Hardness

Protects from degradation and increases resistance to scratches, marring, and dullness.


Self-Cleaning Effect

The hydrophobic properties create a surface that is much easier to clean and maintain..

agsdix-fas fa-glasses

Glass-Like Finish

The hydrophobic properties create a surface that is much easier to clean and maintain.

agsdix-fas fa-tint


There is no foul odor. Free from carcinogenic materials and marine pollutants.


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