Neutral Foam Shampoo

Neutral foam shampoo has an above average foaminess on the market: its foam generated with the foaming technique creates a compact film, which remains adhered to the surfaces. It has an intense and homogeneous lubricating action and encapsulates dirt, facilitating removal during the subsequent rinsing phase without creating halos or streaks.

The great emollient capacities detach all the dirt present, acting in a delicate way.

Its WAX SAFE technology makes it suitable for frequent use because it respects the protection beneath, freeing it from surface dirt that could impair its performance.

Used when washing by hand with a bucket, “Neutral Foam Shampoo” boasts excellent economy of use: it can be diluted up to 1:400 (1 part product to 400 parts water) making it ideal for frequent or maintenance washing.


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Neutral Foam Shampoo

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